Integrated Solutions

We help our clients deliver joined-up software solutions. Working with proprietary technology providers or using our own SAAS model, we integrate 3rd party products, API's, libraries and frameworks to provide fully integrated digital products.

Data visualisation

When you have a large and complex dataset that needs bringing to life, we'll design a visualisation that cuts through the data to highlight whats important using mapping services from either Google or Microsoft Bing to provide both context and location-based relevance to your data.

Text messaging

We integrate SMS services into business applications and consumer services for payments, customer services and campaigns. With a range of options which can be incorporate into your products, websites or app platforms seamlessly.

Mobile ticketing

Our mobile ticketing platform is the fastest way to deploy a ticketing solution that works across the widest range of smart phones in the market. Fully customisable and available for transport operators, event management or lifestyle & leisure products.


If you have an existing subscriber list or need to get started with a new campaign then we can integrated your data and content using a range of leading e-marketing services including Amazon SES, Mailchimp and Campaign monitor. We've can manage all API integrations to publish data to and from your websites and apps.

Payment solutions

Easily integrate payment solutions into your website for debit/credit card payments, bank transfers and direct debit. We work with payment providers for all major UK credit/debit cards as well as providing a service for fully managed direct debit schemes and recurring payments.

Social media

Using social sign-in for online products & services is one of the fastest ways to increase your membership profile and wider marketing reach. We've got the experience to provide authentication to your website or app using either Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or all three services plus we can also provide email-based authentication.

Google Apps

Whether it's a domain migration into Google Mail or Google Analytics for performance tracking on your website and app, we've got the experience to guide, advise, design and deploy the right Google Apps integration for your organisation.


We provide Salesforce CRM integrations working within either .NET, PHP or Python, we've built entire workflows using the API frameworks provided and integrated this into a range of websites and business applications. 

Affiliate networks

We've steadily built up relationships with over 80 high street brands which enable us to provide special offers, discounted goods & services and competitions to consumers within our websites and apps - we can also integrate additional affiliate content from a range of 3rd party networks.