Client: First
Project: LeedsCityBus NextStop Pilot

First are committed to making the LeedsCityBus service as accessible as possible to all of their passengers.

After our previously successful pilots, First commissioned their own eight week Pilot on the LeedsCityBus using three Optare Solo vehicles.

They are very excited about this pilot and think it has the potential to revolutionise bus travel for all passengers as well as the blind and visually impaired community.

Client: Abellio
Project: Talking buses

Providing an effective onboard announcement solution for blind and partially sighted users has been a key factor in abellio's commitment to provide an improved passenger experience.

Rise Digital Media designed and developed a combined hardware and software solution to the problem. The software runs on Android 4.2 operating system and uses mobile technology features including, GPS and accelerometers to accurately alert passengers to each stop on the route.

Passengers can also use the abellio app to enable bus stop tracking for their journey, providing a complete solution for passengers who need help to navigate the bus route.

Client: Abellio
Project: Passegner Information Mobile App

Recognising the importance of real-time data and location based technology for passengers on the move, abellio approached Rise Digital Media to design and build their passenger app.

The app is designed for both iPhone and Android operating systems and brings together a range of services, which include journey planning, fare calculators, real-time data, live departures and customer feedback.

Client: Abellio
Project: Abellio Website

Over the last 12 months, Rise Digital Media have been working closely with the marketing team at abellio london to re-design and re-engineer a number of services which are available online. 

Working as an end-to-end supplier for this project, Rise Digital Media have added to and grown the capability of the abellio website to include new features for customer services engagement, surrey bus promotions, social media integration and live bus tracking. Other key features include the ability for passengers to plan a journey, calculate a bus fare and report an incident.

Client: Abellio
Project: Loyalty & Rewards

To help grow the number of passengers using abellio surrey bus services, the team at Rise Digital Media were appointed to design and build the abellio surrey bus loyalty & rewards website.

The team at Rise were able to deliver a fully branded and customised implementation of the bushub loyalty system. The website brings together a range of tools for journey planning, social networking and transactional components for mobile ticketing and special offers.

There's also a points system which enables passengers to collect points every time they make a purchase. Points can be converted into money off and discounts on future bus tickets.

Client: Abellio
Project: Online Recruitment

As Abellio London has grown to a fleet size of over 700 vehicles with a number of key contracts won in the last 12 months, paramount to the success of the operation has been the ability to attract new talent into the business through a streamlined and full integrated online recruitment system.

The team at Rise Digital Media have developed a system which enables the abellio london HR team to quickly post job opportunities to the website with the option to include online applications for selected roles.

From a back-office perspective the HR team have access to an administration system to enable candidates to be quickly and effectively screened and progressed through the selection process.

Client: Abellio
Project: Real-time data

For a large bus operator in todays tech savvy world, the ability to provide real-time passenger information is crucial.

Abellio Surrey Bus appointed the team at Rise Digital Media to design and build an interface to track buses in real-time. The solution implemented by Rise Digital Media enables the operators' website to connect to live data services exposed by the Electronic Ticket Machine (ETM) on each bus within the Surrey network.

Data is updated every 15 seconds so that vehicle locations are constantly updated on an interactive map. Further information on each vehicle journey is displayed when buses are selected on the map. An integrated search system has also been provided to allow users to quickly search for buses by either the service number or by location to complete this rich interface.

Client: ATCO
Project: ATCO Website

Working as strategic partners for the Association of Transport Coordinating Officers (ATCO), Rise Digital Media provide a retained support service for website development, hosting and systems support. As part of a long term strategy, Rise Digital Media are engage with a  new website design and a social media campaign to increase awareness and followers for the association.

Since the working relationship began in early 2015, the team at Rise Digital Media have become actively involved with the association by participating in conferences, providing speeches on digital media and technology to working groups and members of the association.

Client: Bus2
Project: Bus2 Website

When Abellio needed to provide a website and online payment system within a 6 week window to support their latest brand, Bus2, they came to the team at Rise Digital Media for a speedy solution.

The team designed and developed a full ticket buying process within integrated features including live-bus tracking, online timetables, interactive route planners, and SMS alerts for service updates within a 4 week project timeline.

The website successfully processed over 500 online registrations and ticket purchases within the first month and continues to provide ongoing support for customers through the integrated direct debit platform, service updates and bus tracking features.

Client: Bus2
Project: Payment platform and ticket retailing system

As part of an integrated solution, abellio london approached Rise Digital Media to provide a complete ticket retailing platform for their new Bus2 operation in Surrey.

The solution from the team at Rise includes the ability for staff to manage payments, tickets and customer accounts. Additionally the back-office system also enables abellio staff to create SMS updates to parents and child travellers for service interruptions and delays via the integrated BusHub SMS gateway.


Client: CPT
Project: Design, Development & Email Marketing

The relationship with the team at CPT began in mid 2012 as part of an initial strategy exercise to research & design content for a DFT project on information availability. Following a successful outcome of this early project, Rise Digital Media are now the recognised Digital Agency for the organisation.

As the relationship has grown over the last three years, the team at Rise have become a key part of the digital landscape within CPT, working on a range pf projects, pilots and trials for the industry as a whole.

Internally at CPT, Rise Digital Media also provide design, development and strategic consultancy for a number of important membership-cased projects including the following;

  • design & branding
  • email marketing and campaigns
  • website design & development
  • promotional materials for events & shows
  • application development for membership products & services

Client: CPT
Project: Compliance Manual

The CPT compliance manual is considered a must have among coach and bus operators within the UK. It contains a wealth of policy and compliance documentation so coach and bus drivers stay informed and adhere to safety and highways guidelines for their public service vehicles.

The challenge for the team at Rise Digital Media was to design and develop an online version of this printed document which works on mobile as well as on desktop. For this to be a success, the team established a robust internal search system for users of the publication to quickly identify relevant content. For publishers of the content, a system was also implemented to enable content to expire and notify publishers when content would need updating in line with new UK highway agency policies and guidelines.

Client: Greener Journeys
Project: Catch the Bus Week

The team behind the national Catch The Bus Week campaign were looking for a more dynamic web experience to help promote their annual drive to attract new passengers to the bus network.

The first steps for Rise Digital Media we’re to review the existing design materials for the campaign and come up with a concept that was onbrand and faithful to the existing visual identity.

Once the design was approved by Greener Journey’s, the team at Rise began to build a journey planning website to enable users to locate the nearest bus stops and find out about their operating bus companies.

The website also provides a valuable online survey and feedback mechanism to enable the PR team at Greener Journey’s to analyse behaviour and lifestyle patterns amongst the participating users of the website.

Client: Midland Classic
Project: Midland Classic Website

Midland Classic are a great example of one of our smaller operators for which the bushub website and connected services are providing a great value service both on web and on mobile.

As an operator with less than 50 services the website’s focus is on vehicle tracking and service updates, both of which are managed effortlessly through the Rise solution which integrates a range of data sources dynamically into the website without the need for resource or direct maintenance from the operator.

Connected to the website is a fully integrated mobile ticketing and payments solution that provides a completely operator branded experience for ticket holders. The mobile ticket platform additionally benefits from the Rise affiliate network which incorporates special offers and online deals from many well-known high street brands.

Client: Midland Classic
Project: Mobile ticketing

The mobile ticket platform for bus operator, Midland Classic, is seamlessly integrated into their website via the BusHub API.

This means the operator has a completely on-brand and bespoke design treatment for their e-ticketing solution which provides all the ebenfits of an established online platform at a faction of the costs.

The mobile ticket platform from BusHub provides, a combination of connected features which includes payments, special offers, ticket deals and a loyalty and rewards scheme. The system provides a fully managed service for customer support and payment options.

Client: Plusbus
Project: Interactive Map

Rise Digital media started the job of creating a new interactive map-based online experience in January 2014 and now, into the websites second year, the number of visitors is up to 100k.

Technically the website allows PlusBus users to draw shaped zones directly onto interactive maps. This creates a geo-fenced boundary which represent each of the 6 pluses ticket zones. Users can then search for fares information, plan a journey with any of the pluses zones and locate realtime information for bus departures and ticket information.

Next steps for the project are to introduce membership services for PlusBus online including special offers for ticket holders which will be linked to the site from the Rise Digital Media affiliate network.

Client: Plusbus
Project: Responsive Mobile Website

PlusBus multi-operator tickets are a well know entity among bus operators and passengers alike, with over 100 companies working within the scheme across 6 zones throughout the UK selling close to 1 million tickets a year.

Whilst ticket sales have been steady for the organisation, the need to promote the participating bus operators, fares and travel zones on mobile has become a key element to the strategic digital marketing effort to increase ticket sales.

This mobilisation of content has seen the number of mobile users grow from 15% to 31% in the last 6 months.

Client: ScotRail
Project: ScotRail on-board AV

As the new ScotRail franchise came into effect from 1st April 2015, Rise Digital Media were commissioned to design, build and install a next-stop information system for the vehicles serving the Glasgow City Link service.

The wall-mounted screens are equipped with Sim cards, Wifi antennas and GPS, enabling the screens to connect to internet and access web services and API’s for both next stop announcements and connecting service information for rail departures.

/media/1060/stephensons-macbook-02.png image /media/1061/stephensons-macbook-01.png image

Client: Stephensons of Essex
Project: Stephensons Live Buses

Working for one of the larger independent bus companies certainly comes with it’s challenges, at Stephensons of Essex there are over 100 bus routes across two localities and the website needs to make this information as accessible and easy to navigate as possible. The focus for the site is “Live Data” and the development of the service is designed to support three key features as follows.

  • Bus tracking
  • Fares information
  • Online timetables

For each of these requirements the BusHub content platform is powering the features. Behind the scenes the website requests content from the API to serve each of these requirements. For Bus tracking the web service is connected with the bus companies SIRI feed so that every vehicle is tracked on the website map system.

Fares information is imported from the operators ETM system and made available to customers via the integrated journey planner which will calculate single and return fares for the users trip.

Finally timetables that can be printed via the website are automatically generated using the TNDS data for the operator - this means no need for duplication of data and there’s no need to visit the printers each time a new service is introduced as this seamlessly appears on the website.

/media/1110/busforus_01.jpg image /media/1288/busforus-mockup-01.jpg image

Client: BusForUs
Project: BusForUs Webite

Working on a commission for the Department for Transport, the team at Rise Digital Media were initially recruited to design & build a website targeted at 16-24 year old bus users. The design brief was to improve the accessibility and availability of public transport information for this group of travellers via a website.

The team designed a dynamic search engine to allow users to enter postcodes, places or locations to find their nearest bus stops. This required a large indexing operation of the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS) to allow the search system to locate bus stops and bus services throughout the UK. The website cleverly allows customers to locate their nearest bus stops via an integrated search service which also highlights bus routes, next departures, service timetables and operator profiles.

Technically, the website uses Microsoft BING maps API to display bus stops on interactive maps, and realtime information for bus departures is provided via an integration with the Traveline NextBus API.

Rise Digital Media continue to support the BusForUs campaign. Working in close partnership with the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) and industry leaders Arriva and First Group, Rise Digital Media are trialing an app to allow users to track their journey and set alerts for their next stop from their phone.


Client: BusForUs
Project: BusForUs Accessibility App

Providing assistive apps for the blind and partially sighted bus user community has taken the team at Rise Digital Media on a new journey of discovery.

Working with small focus groups in Leeds, the development team have been designing a stand alone app which is capable of providing a next stop announcement service for bus users using their own devices.

The technology works using GPS and push notifications so that even when the phone is in the users pocket and the app is running in the background, the next stop will still be voiced, vibrated or alerted to passengers so they never miss their stop.