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Rise were at the forefront of Abellio Surrey's drive to transform digital services to its customers from 2015 onwards. We provided M-tickets, real-time data and journey planning facilities to help Abellio passengers across London and Surrey make the most of Abellio's offering. Our long relationship has allowed us to build a close understanding of their business and respond to their needs as a transport operator.

We have installed onboard screens across the fleet giving real-time information to Abellio's passengers and on-bus WiFi to allow free internet access for travellers. This has significantly improved the travelling experience of Abellio's customers and added value to the journey.

It's not all about the buses.

Alongside our suite of bus-related services, Rise continues to provide the management of Abellio's coach parking facilities at Battersea in London, allowing clients to book and pay online for maximum efficiency. Visiting the capital is a smoother experience for many coach operators both from the UK and abroad thanks to Rise.

Abellio is an innovative company, with big ideas about widening their public transport proposition to embrace marketing and promotions with third parties.

Rise has been instrumental on their journey.


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