Hotel Hoppa
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The Hotel Hoppa service provides a hotel-to-airport shuttle service for PAX to and from each of the terminals at London Heathrow Airport serving 25 major hotels in the surrounding area. Participating hotels view this transport link as a vital connection for their guests requiring onward travel to and from the airport terminal.

The design, development and programme management for the solution was run by the team at Rise Digital Media who recruited specialist commercial partners for fabrication of Kiosks and provision of payment services. All software development was undertaken in-house by our experienced team of software engineers using and extending our existing cloud-based mobility platform.

The second iteration of the product enabled the Kiosks to display RTI and to allow service updates to be managed remotely by the operations team in real-time or at scheduled date/times.

Maintenance & support continues for a further 24 months under the current framework agreement.


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