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A view of the future of the membership organisation

Saturday 18 May 2019

It was a real pleasure for Rise DM to meet members of the team at Disability Rights UK on 12th February for a 4-hour workshop during which much ground was covered.  We examined the current web provision together and led the team into an analysis of the organisation’s purpose and how this is presented through the current digital offering.  Through the lens of a variety of ‘user journeys’ we first considered the site as a that of a third-sector organisation seeking to raise the profile of the cause, then as an ecommerce platform, a public service and a finally the voice of authority on issues of disability rights.

We encouraged the team to share their thoughts about Disability Rights UK’s key stakeholders and perceptions of its mission and work.  This was important in focusing on potential areas for development as the organisation seeks to define and enhance its position in the DPO landscape.

We were able to gain valuable insight into the DPO ‘market’ as the team discussed relationships with other DPOs and stakeholders more broadly.  This allowed us to explore the possibilities that an updated digital offering could provide for the organisation. Exciting times lie ahead for this DPO that plays an instrumental role in supporting and informing disabled people in the UK.

A new membership model could promote engagement with Disability Rights UK and help the organisation in its stated aim to ‘support change agents and enable disabled people to exert power and influence’.  In short, any digital strategy should be driven by the mission of Disability Rights UK to extend the influence of its advocacy and empowerment to more disabled people.

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