Product news for platform users (Q4 2022)

Monday 24 October 2022

The tech and development teams here at Rise DM continually monitor the performance and effectiveness of our digital services (websites, apps and reporting dashboards) to ensure that they remain fit for purpose and easy to use, while also providing real business benefits to operators.

During 2022 we have so far introduced over 40 system improvements and new features across our suite of products, and many of these have been prompted by your feedback. We are always keen to make sure our products continue to deliver for you and your customers, so please do pass any comments and suggestions on to me as they really do help us to make a difference.

Christopher Nice - Operations Director, Rise Digital Media

What's new

Here's a brief overview of just some of the system enhancements and new features introduced over the last few weeks.

Improved timetables

We have made several changes to the way timetables display online and in the app. In addition to the improved view, users can now view service notes, expand bus stop names/locations, export to PDF and quickly jump between days.  

Buying travel tickets in the app

If you are an operator selling mobile tickets via the app then your customers will now see that a search button (magnifying glass) has been added to the top right hand side of the 'buy tickets' page.

Once clicked this will open a free text search bar which allows customer to quickly locate and access tickets using a familiar search term such as 'day', 'weekly', 'child', 'multi-trip' etc.

Ticket sales summary

On your dashboard homepage you will see a new ticket sales summary report. This provides a snapshot of your top four selling tickets for the day along with transaction, ticket and total sales figures.   

Ticket purchase confirmation email

The new look ticket purchase confirmation email, which is now in place for all those who sell tickets through the app and portal, has been updated to include:

  • Order number and ticket type
  • Date and time of transaction
  • Confirmation of payment details
  • Ticket terms and conditions
  • Contact details

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