The role of a technology partner in transport 

Monday 14 March 2022

If we didn’t already know it then the last two years have clearly demonstrated the vital role that technology and digital solutions have to play in the planning and provision of safe, reliable and efficient passenger transport services.

The increased use, capability and understanding of technology during this period has compelled operators to work with digital partners to develop and establish more effective communications with passengers and staff at a time when school services, local bus routes, vehicle capacities and general operating conditions have been subject to regular change. It has also allowed operators to gain a much better understanding of passenger movements and vehicle loadings - through web and app enhancements – whilst having access to the very latest operational and compliance information through regular online calls with trade bodies and governing organisations.

When it comes to the bus and coach industry the role technology has to play can no longer be ignored and must be embraced. It is so much more than ETMs, vehicle tracking and journey planning tools; the increased availability of apps and m-ticketing has allowed operators to get to know who their passengers are, how and when they travel, journey patterns and, perhaps most importantly, what they want from their bus and coach services. It has also moved the industry towards a near fully cashless system sooner than previously anticipated. 

Since 2010, the team at Rise Digital Media has worked closely with the industry to develop and launch digital solutions which enable bus and coach operators to visualise data in new ways – increasing their operating efficiencies in an ever more price sensitive market - whilst giving passengers quick and easy access to the information they need to plan and make trips. 

Our team of highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable consultants is on hand to advise, guide, support and educate clients through the rollout of Mobility-as-a-Service solutions which benefit both passengers and the business. This includes everything from M-ticketing, cashless payments and live vehicle movements, to push notifications to passengers (service updates) and school transport ticketing systems.

Software companies are almost entirely different entities from the majority of bus and coach operators, but being able to anticipate the challenges operators face is a major factor in the successful adoption of Rise DM’s software solutions that have a lasting return on investment. It is vital to the success and growth of both the client and the service provider that these relationships work just as effectively as the technology itself.

Working in partnership with operators we strive to make bus and coach the simple and easy choice for passengers.  

Elements of this blog recently appeared in routeone magazine (March) - click here to read the full article.

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