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The changing world of the ground transportation industry

Friday 17 May 2019

Wednesday 27th March found Rise DM at BP Sunbury, assisting Passenger Plus in promoting and setting up in readiness to take over the ground transportation contract running from Feltham station to the campus - a journey of around two miles.

No one can deny that Britain's roads get busier by the year.  The issues this creates for the travelling public are all too well known - pollution, traffic jams, increased accidents and a much longer commute are things that many of us will deal with on a regular basis.

In this environment, companies with large work forces and premises are increasingly turning to transport operators to provide links to their campuses and factories.  These often originate at a nearby station and bring thousands of workers, guests and clients to and from site every week.

This is a win-win for large PLCs, who have to pay less for parking space, gain the kudos for a greener transport solution and relieve the stress on their commuting staff.  The final piece of the jigsaw is the digital services that drive efficiency and add value to the transportation operators' offering.

Passenger counting is a major requirement of these contracts and Rise provides a driver app that live tracks the vehicle while recording travellers on each trip so that efficiency can be maximised and the timetable refined. The tracking feature also provides a feed to a passenger app which shows real-time information and departures from the relevant station to smooth the commute.  Other large companies are investing in multi-modal transport displays to inform their workers before they set out on the commute, allowing them to make the right choices.

Rise understands the potential of the market and is serving it with innovative solutions and a problem-solving attitude.

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