Audio bus stop announcements added to the NextStop® Driver App

Thursday 03 February 2022

Following feedback and recent discussions with a number of operators, I am pleased to announce that the NextStop® Driver App has been updated to include three new features which will improve both the driver and passenger experience onboard vehicles.

From today, subscribers to the NextStop® Driver App can download the latest version of the app (3.13.01) from the Google Play Store. This newly updated version includes:

  • The next bus stop alerts (both audio and visual) for drivers;
  • Option to connect the NextStop® Driver App to an onboard PA system in order to share bus stop announcements with passengers; 
  • Automated prompt (at the final destination) for drivers to finish and 'end trip'.

Next bus stop alerts for drivers
When this feature is turned on in the settings (see image below), the NextStop® Driver App will both announce and display the name of the next bus stop along the route shortly before the vehicle arrives - for example, the driver will see and hear, "the next stop is Queen Street".  

Connecting the NextStop® Driver App to an onboard PA system for bus stop announcements
To share audible next bus stop announcements with passengers - particularly useful for those who aren't familiar with the route or don't have access to the passenger app - simply connect the device running the NextStop® Driver App via the headphone socket to your onboard PA system. 

Automated prompt (at final destination) for driver to finish and 'end trip'
In order to help ensure that your trip data is always recorded and presented correctly in your reporting dashboard, this feature will see that all journeys stop tracking when drivers have reached their final destinations on routes. This will improve your punctuality reporting.

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